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Ladyloved is Becoming Wild Ice Botanicals

March 09, 2021

Ladyloved is becoming Wild Ice Botanicals skin care

To our LadyLoved family,

The past year has brought with it many changes. We’ve all struggled to adjust to new routines and tried our best to take care of ourselves. Nourishing our bodies from the inside out, and the outside in, has never been more important.

That’s why we’re excited to share something big we’ve been working on. Unlike many of the changes we’ve faced recently, this one is overwhelmingly positive. We’re rebranding!

Ladyloved is becoming Wild Ice Botanicals.

Wild Ice has the wholesome ingredients you love with updated formulas and new eco-friendly packaging.

With the rebrand, we’re emphasizing our exclusive cold-kept preservation. We’re the only company out there that keeps your skincare cold, and we want our customers to celebrate that with us.

By chilling our natural ingredients, we make sure they’re as potent as the day they were sourced. This also ensures that they never turn into sensitizers or allergens. It’s what makes Wild Ice #NaturallyChill.

We’re excited for you to experience the new products, like the B-Meltee facial cleanser. It leaves your skin tingling with peppermint-y freshness. (Like that freshly-brushed teeth feeling, but for your face!)

You’ll also love the Wintry Fix skin softening scrub. Despite its name, it’s perfect for getting silky legs to show off in the summer.

Our skincare is still made lovingly in small batches, with organic ingredients whenever possible. And we’re extending that same TLC to the boutiques who sell our products.

In fact, small businesses who sell Wild Ice Botanicals will get unprecedented perks. (Like 15% of our revenue when a customer from their store buys products from our website.)

With the rebrand comes challenges, the foremost of which is funding. We’ve launched a Kickstarter so those who want to support Wild Ice (and be first to get new products) can back our project.

You can visit our Kickstarter here to learn more about our goals and get a glimpse at all the new skincare.

We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see your glowing faces.

Yours cooly,

Wild Ice Botanicals

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