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Pure & Simple Brightening Mask

  • Ladyloved GMO Free Sensitive Safe Paraben Free Naturally Derived Cruelty Free

    Powdered Chamomile and Lavender blend with White Clay and Fuller’s Earth for the ideal brightening foundation, which is then combined with the legendary restorative effects of Chamomile and Jasmine extracts for unsurpassed rebalance and repair. Brightens and evens skin tone, adds a soft silky texture, and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

    Packaged separately for freshness without the need for harmful preservatives.

    Dispensing type: Twin bottles.

    Net Contents:
    Pure: 2 fl oz
    Simple: 1 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing product

It refreshes my skin and it feel soft

Loving the mask!

After using this mask once, my skin felt very soft and smooth. I will keep this in my weekly skin care routine. Thank you Mila for yet another wonderful product for my skin.

Amazing product

amazing product. I noticed some difference after using the mask. My face was allot brighter and smooth and smelled really good


I love the idea of mixing your own mask! So fresh and revitalizing! Makes my skin silky smooth and radiant! I love to use this mask once a week! I am so pleased to find ladyganics and use almost all of her products!

Ladyganics is a great find! Definitely will continue using these products

I love using my Ladyganics products....I have very sensitive skin so I need to use products that are really clean. Finding the Ladyganics product line has been really good for me. I use many of the products daily (sometimes 2-3 times a day), such as the Silver-Laurel soap and the face serums. I also love the Pure/Simple mask, which i use about every two weeks and it doesn't dry out my skin like a lot of the masks I've tried...The Pink body scrub is amazing. I used to use a body scrub that cost three times what the Pink scrub costs and this is much better product. Also, I highly recommend the Patio Oil to keep bugs away. I live in climate that has a lot of mosquitoes and i also really enjoy being outside but I didn't think an organic bug spray that worked was really an option--until i tried this Patio Oil. I will definitely keep ordering these products and thank you!

Thank you Pam for such thorough feedback! We're elated to be part of your daily skin care ritual. We're always here if you have any questions!
Wonderful mask

I bought both Simple & Pure and Down & Dirty and absolutely love them both ! Very clean and elegant feel when applied. The smell is wonderful. I mixed mine to the consistency I desire. Afterwards, I used only the liquid as a toner. Love this mask makes my skin look alive and fresh.

Carol, thank you for trying our masks. We're excited that you achieved the proper consistency and used any remaining liquid as a toner - just as intended!