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Growing up under communism, everyone had all the same things: the same sofa, the same radio, the same refrigerator, the same dish sets - practically everything you can think of was identical everywhere. Things that were not standardized were simply not available, and if you wanted such an item you either made it yourself or traded with someone who did.

Skincare was one such luxury, and so was made solely of local garden fruits and vegetables based on generations-old folk recipes. To this day I have vivid memories of my grandmother taking precious moments each day for her own personal garden-derived skincare ritual, all while perched intently in front of her tiny vanity mirror. I was forever awed by how beautiful and majestic she looked, even in her advanced age. 

As a result of these young experiences, I grew up with an innate appreciation for what has since become Ladyloved's three guiding principles: natural ingredients, affordability, and efficacy. Even back in 2007 when I first jumped off the plane after landing in the Big Apple, these three parameters formed my own basis for evaluating products for my personal use.

Suffice it to say that over the years, I became more than a little disenchanted with the marketing gimmicks used to sell skin care. A high price-tag is not a feature! But you wouldn’t know that looking across the industry landscape. Never did I find all three principles of natural, affordable, and effective together; only very rarely did I find two.

I was determined to do something about it – to disrupt an industry that I saw as preying on women’s inherent trust. And so, from humble beginnings making soap for friends and family in 2012, Ladyloved has slowly and organically grown into a fully licensed skin care manufacturer permitted by the state of Florida.

It's surreal to read those words today, because we’re still just a small family business at heart. We still rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth advertising. You’ll still find us enjoying open-air markets along the Emerald Coast (that’s the Northwest Florida coastline for you out-o’-towners) and we might even attend the occasional craft festival.

Because that’s what we are. Craftswomen (the verdict is still out on my husband). We proudly craft luxury skin care products with only the finest always-natural ingredients available. That includes organic or wild-crafted if it can be sourced.

Like any true craft, we create small batches only – meaning fewer than one hundred units at a time. While most brands outsource their manufacturing to massive plants, to us it feels deceptive to pretend that another’s work is somehow your own labor of love.

And it truly is labor. And it truly is love. Our focus has always been on product efficacy first. We study the available literature and obsessively test our products on ourselves, our friends and a few of our core fans (thanks ladies :) before we consider a wider release.

Because in the end it’s all about family. And when you choose to make Ladyloved the heart of your own intimate beautifying ritual, then that’s exactly what you deserve to be called.