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Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Our commission is a flat 22% of referred sales.

We've opted to use this flat, simplified structure to make things as easy and predictable as possible.

Our cookie expires after 180 days. This duration allows you to reap the rewards of repeat customers who may not always follow your links. That's no small perk; other affiliate programs limit their cookie durations to 30 or 90 days partly because repeat purchases in this industry tend to occur at about 105 day intervals.

Perhaps more importantly than that, this duration enables you to build up affiliate-linked content over many months, so you can work your way up as you aggregate more traffic and thus more per-month sales. That's a particularly important point for bloggers, whose content persists in sending traffic long after it is first published.

If you would like a unique commission rate, please describe why in the comments section of your application, as well as your requested commission percentage. For example, if you specialize only in after-sun products, and thus only wish to promote the product Azure, we will consider granting a special rate for only that product in the event that you wish to receive no commission on any other products. Please make a custom commission request only if your niche is uniquely targeted in a manner similar to this example.

Not to worry. We record the IP address of each visitor who follows your referral link, and associate any future purchase within the 180 day window made by that IP address with your affiliate account.

In this uncommon instance, the sale will default to the affiliate who referred the customer first. We do this to reward affiliates for “warming” their audience to an otherwise unfamiliar brand, and to ensure we don't reward affiliates for poaching one another's audiences. We feel that this is the most equitable approach and lends itself to a happy, healthy affiliate ecosystem.

In this instance, the refund will also deduct the relevant commission from your payout. If we did it any other way, the system would be ripe for abuse. We hope you understand.

Currently we only ship to addresses within the United States. We are actively exploring opening up to new markets. We encourage you to fill out the application and note in the comments section what country your primary audience resides in. We will save your application and notify you in the event that we open up sales to that region.

We're happy to evaluate your show to see whether it is in line with our brand values and customer base. Please note the show name, audience size, and URL (in addition to any other details you'd like to provide) in your affiliate application.

If we're a good match, then we will accommodate referral codes for your show and we can discuss custom landing pages as an option for your audience. Please note that commission rates for radio shows and podcasts will be custom.

The only products not eligible for commissions are our soaps, Laurel and Purify.

At this time we do not provide coupon codes (unless you are a radio show or podcast, as noted above). If they are a crucial part of your affiliate program, then please note that in your application or get in touch with us and we will consider allowing them on a case by case basis.

Banner links will be generated on an ongoing basis, and will be available from within your affiliate dashboard. If you would like to generate a specific banner link but do not know how to create the HTML code, please send us your banner .JPG or .PNG image file along with the desired banner height or length, and we will convert it to an HTML link ourselves and make it available on your affiliate dashboard.

PayPal is the only payout disbursement that we facilitate at this time. You will need to create a PayPal account in order to receive payment.

Payment is initiated between the 1st and the 5th of each month for all commissions due at that point, assuming that the payout amount is at least $10. If the payout is less than $10, then earnings will roll into the next month.

Note that we cannot control transfer delays that may occur within the PayPal service itself.

No. We absorb all transfer fees on our end. You will, however, need to pay any fees associated with moving funds out of your PayPal account, if you choose to do so.

We hope to gain a presence on as diverse a set of platforms as possible. Influencers who adopt us early will benefit within their platform and niche, because cookies placed by them will gain priority over those placed later by any other affiliate (as noted above).

With that said, publishers and bloggers are the least likely influencers to be rejected, so long as we feel they have a genuine interest in our brand, products, or story. This is because blogging content tends to persist in sending traffic and increasing brand discoverability. That's one reason we opted for a 180 day cookie: to help ensure that passionate writers are given a fair shake.

We are in the process of developing a press kit, but it is not yet complete at this time. If you would like to gain a better understanding of our philosophy and of our story, we encourage you to go read our blog article explaining why we choose not to outsource (here), our FAQ (here), and our founder’s story page (here).

Certainly. The impact of bloggers who make an honest effort to educate and inform tends to linger longer than social media posts - a fact we recognize. That's one reason we’ve opted for such a lengthy cookie duration of 180 days - it helps bloggers gain momentum over a long term period.

We are happy to pen a guest blog article for your site (we request that you provide an outline of the topic) or to pen answers to a series of questions for publication on your blog, or to host you as a guest blog here at our own humble blog “Ladyloved Skin.”

As you know, we aren’t primarily bloggers (we’re skin care artisans, truthfully) but we do make an effort to get our own perspective out there from time to time.

Not at this time.

We look for affiliates who seem to love what they do and who genuinely believe in their (and our) cause. In our experience, you don’t risk everything to start a manufacturing business from scratch when everyone else is outsourcing and cutting corners just because. You do it out a deep and burning desire to see lives improved. We look for the same passion in our affiliates that we feel ourselves.

We also look for a sense of design aesthetic. This isn’t a necessary aspect of being a good communicator, but it never hurts.

Finally, we like affiliates who at least sometimes take their own photos (rather than using only stock) and who do it well.

Once you’ve generated your first $250 in sales (total, not in a single month) we will send you two products of your choosing to your United States address on our dime  (does not include sets). Simply reach out to us at that point.

Once you’ve generated $500 in total sales, we’ll send two more, or a set of your choosing.

After that, we will send up to two different products at your request any time you successfully net $500 or more in sales a single month.

Note that the above should not be viewed as contractual; we reserve the right to send more or fewer items as we see fit.

This store is our main source of sales, and that's how we want it to stay. We will never use FBA for fulfillment of any skin care product, and we will never redirect buyers to Amazon from our own website. Reliance on Amazon means we're at their mercy (as is the case with any business) and that's the last thing we want.

If we use an ad campaign through, for example, Google Adwords, and send someone back to our website who arrived there at some point as a result of your affiliate link, you will indeed receive your commission if they make a purchase.

Additionally, if you are a sophisticated marketer and wish to set up your own retargeting campaigns, please note those intentions in your application, or e-mail us describing what you’d like to do. We will do our best to accomodate.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, but want to learn, Emily Jervis wrote a great summary on retargeting over at moreniche, here. This is advanced stuff and by no means do we require you to use it or even know about it.

You will be given an affiliate login portal after you are accepted, at which time you will be able to manage every aspect of your account, from link and QR code generation to sales tracking.

We're happy to remove your account at your request. Just ask! Other than that, the following are the primary reasons we would consider an account as a candidate for potential removal:

1. If you fail to drive at least $45 in sales per month for three full, consecutive months.
2. If we find that you or your brand has promoted hatred, violence, or any other ideas that we do not wish to associate with.
3. If we find that you have besmirched our brand name, or otherwise represented us in an unfavorable light.
4. If we find that you have misled our customers or potential customers by misrepresenting our products, prices, offers, etc.
5. If we find that you are abusing the affiliate program or are manipulating numbers in a manner inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of the program.

Note that the above is subject to our discretion, and should not be read as a contractual obligation on our part.

If your account is closed, either by your request or otherwise, we will first disburse any remaining funds to your associated PayPal account.

We do not notify affiliate denials. It can take us a week (and sometimes longer) to evaluate a potential affiliate. We may also choose to save an affiliate application for months, and wait to accept it only when we feel the affiliate has matured sufficiently within their niche.

Please do not request status updates. If you are accepted, you will receive a plain text e-mail congratulating you and guiding you to your new affiliate portal.

We want to be as transparent as possible and we’re looking for good relationships with good people.

There's no catch, but you should be aware that virtually all of our terms are subject to change. We know that sounds silly, but we really have no choice. PayPal forces us to agree to their terms changing with no notice, which means we could be subject to unforeseeable limitations or changes in their charges or policies. Similarly, our hosting services and platforms force us to agree to the same possibilities of "any time" changes. As a result, if it’s possible for things to change unexpectedly for us, then we have to tell you that it’s possible that things change for you as well.

With that said, we have no intention of pulling the rug out from under your feet or of making your life difficult in any way. Not only would that be a terribly dishonest thing to do, but it would ruin our reputation with – of all people – influencers. Talk about bad business…

If we ever need to change commission rates or anything else that may impact your marketing efforts, we will endeavor to give you as much warning as we are able to so that you can plan and prioritize accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these questions. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.