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What Is The "Healthier Skin Guarantee?"

Ladyloved Our Healthy Skin Guarantee

You have may spotted this image near some of our products. What does it mean for you? Simple. If you aren't satisfied with your results after using the product as directed for 30 days, you get your money back. We stand behind our line because we know they set the industry standard for quality, purity, and formula efficacy.

Because we run every facet of our company - from sourcing to formulating, manufacturing to packaging, labeling to fulfillment, customer service to design, and much more - we're able to control our processes in a way other brands can't. Others take a shortcut by outsourcing production, but this means they can't control ingredient sourcing, ingredient quality, storage conditions, formula adherence, or product quality - they're marketers for a concept made in a factory hundreds of miles away.

We're different. And that difference enables us to be superior to the most expensive brands at a much lower price.