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I am trying these products to reduce wrinkles. So far I have been satisfied with the results. I plan on continuing to use them.

Loving these products!!!

I discovered this wonderful product while on vacation at Rosemary Beach and I loved it so much that I have been a raving fan ever since. I use the whole product line and my skin feels so nourished!!!

Not a day goes by that I don’t use my Opal Aura vitamin C serum. It keeps my skin smooth looking and tone even. When I forget at times, I can tell I skipped it. It’s a must in my daily routine.


This fragrance is amazing. I love that is isn't overpowering, is long-lasting, and makes me feel as beautiful as it smells. I've enjoyed being able to wear this around those who are sensitive to artificial fragrance. Thanks Mila, for this artfully crafted perfume!


If there is any bath product that deserves the word 'divine' as a is Relax! Seriously the best bath salt I have used. The fragrance is a amazing, and it truly lives up to the promise of being wonderfully relaxing!

Fast Acting!

Rarify for the win! I use this for spot treatment and I'm impressed by how quickly it reduces and removes a blemish. It is gentle on my skin and handles the breakout easily. Truly amazing product!

Fresh & Clean!

My skin loves this cleanser! This is refreshing and effective. It easily removes makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean--plus it does this without leaving my face dry! I use it as part of my daily routine and love it!

Best face cream!

This face cream is amazing. It was the first product I tried from Ladyloved and has become my favorite gift to give! My skin smoothed out and gained even tone. It easily absorbs into my skin and makes my skin feel wonderful.


This is a product I love using as part of my daily routine. My skin feels plump and moisturized after use, and has gained a healthy glow since I began using this product. I would recommend this to anyone!

Liquid Gold!

Manna is liquid gold! The fragrance is beautiful and subtle, and I have loved how silky it makes my skin. It absorbs quickly into your skin so you quickly feel moisturized. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful moisturizer!


I’m not sure what the toner is supposed to do. I put it on before the lotion and VitC oil (love love love).
I guess I personally don’t see the point in the toner. Sorry.

Great product

I really like this product. Easy to use and it works well with the other products in her collection. Will purchase again.

Best Body Oil Ever

A little goes a long way with Manna, but it absorbs quickly and feels amazing on your skin! The scent is heavenly but not overpowering. I love using it on my arms!

This serum is awesome!

Here in our house, this stuff is the bomb! We use it every day, and are loving the way our skin looks and feels!


Really love the oil because it's not too heavy for summertime but gives my skin the drink of moisture it needs

Love ! 💕

Love how this toner feels ! I am very satisfied with this Toner! It is one of my favorite products from Mila!

I purchased the skin care products and a body oil from Lady Loved. I am so happy with the way they each smell and feel on my skin. When I look in the mirror my face looks like it’s glowing! I’m so happy to have found thus incredible line of healthy products.

Beautiful Radiant Skin

Since using solely and consistently for 4 weeks, huge results of less red - soft - hydrated beautiful skin. Using opal arua oil in evening too. Looking forward to trying more ladyloved products <3

No more DEET

This oil works!!! I have a nighttime blooming flower called Queen of the night. This oil allows me to photograph her without getting ate up by mosquitoes or other insects. I now get to enjoy her beauty without having to dress in leggings and long sleeves in the middle of the summer. A small drop goes a long way. Works great and smells good too.

Loving AZURE

My family loves Azure! I have gotten more sunburns than I should’ve this year, and when I’ve used Azure, I haven’t peeled. One time I forgot to use it, and guess what?! I peeled. Feels great going on, smells great, and my skin is so happy. Definitely keeping this on hand.


I have been on a search for a clean perfume that isn’t an oil and I have found it! Smells wonderful and lasts a really long time. Goes on like traditional perfume. Thank you Mila!

The best face cream

This is by far the best face cream I’ve tried. I use it day and night. I’ve noticed less wrinkles, smoother complexion. It’s been a huge help for my skin, and now my skin craves it!

My favorite!

I use this 1-2xs per day after I was my face and I love it! It really brightens and tones my face helping my complexion look brighter and younger. A definite must have!

It’s very creamy!

I am very pleased with creme de la creme! It feels good and definitely softens and moisturizes my skin. I love the healthy glow and how it diminishes the wrinkles 😊

Cream De Le Cream brighten and firm

Love this product! It’s light and blends in well. Smells wonderful. A little bit goes along way. I’ve paired this cream with the toner and the vitamin C. My face neck and chest look great.