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Opal aura daily facial oil.

I've been using Milas products a little over a month now and I love them all. The opal aura daily facial oil soaks in so quickly. It smells beautiful. I Love LadyLoved! Marcie

Was nervous but so glad I tried it!

All the benefits of a facial oil without the breakouts. My skin drinks this up, especially now that it is winter. I have dry/oily combo skin and have avoided facial oils but this has helped balance out my skin. I go without makeup with this oil, just a little blush and mascara and feel like I look younger, more natural and fresh.

Creme De La Creme Face Cream

I Love this product, I use it twice a day. My skin looks so healthy and alway have a glow.

Love !

Mila ,
I met you in Rosemary, Florida and my skin was broken out and looked like I had an allergy reaction. I bought the bar soap, opal oil, cream and toner. LOVE THEM ALL so much. Thankful to have found an all natural, organic skin care routine. Thank you so much ☺️
Amy McGill

Love it!

I live in the Florida panhandle and was lucky enough to stumble across this amazing brand at the farmers market. This serum is so luxurious and absorbs well into the skin. I use it as part of my daytime ritual after I wash my face with her charcoal bar and her toner. Then I follow up with her opal oil and eye serum. I highly recommend!

LOVE this cream!

I've been using this cream along with the toner and facial oil for two weeks now. My face tends to be sensitive and break out easily. I can't wait to put this cream on every day, it feels so wonderful and moisturizing! I'm looking forward to trying the other products.

Simple and Easy Skincare

I'm really enjoying the products. It's quick, simple and easy. I especially love that it's all natural. My skin looks amazing. The serum gives my skin some color and the toner spray is so refreshing. I can smell the roses. It reminds me of my grandmother's garden.


I'm the pickiest when it comes to anything I put in/on my body, including my facial care. I want the most natural ingredients, and I also want them to work better than any other product on the market. I've tried products the world over, small-batch, mass production, local, you name it, and I wasn't completely satisfied, even though I'd stick with them for a couple years or more because I hadn't found anything better. I decided to give this a try because of how refreshing Mila is when she greets you, and I could feel her honesty in chatting with her. I honestly doubted I'd like it any better than Dr. Hauschka, which I'd been using the past several years (though I've used everything in the department stores, as well, spending too many hundreds with each refill of product). From the first day, my face couldn't get enough of LADYLOVED products...and it just keeps getting better. I love how natural the products are, and that she uses as much organic sourcing as possible. I love how soft and perfect my skin is with these products... so much so, that I'm now using her soaps and anything else she'll make. The products work better than anything I've ever tried, and the love and purity Mila puts into her products shine through in her products! I wish I could get to the market to see her more often, as she's such a lovely girl, but I'm thankful for online ordering to hold me over until I can get back to the market. Amazing girl, amazing products... and that's saying something, because I rarely write a review unless the pendulum has swung far.... and these products swing the pendulum to the highest heights! Thank you, Mila, for the love and beauty you bring to the world... and my aging skin!

Cici I’m beyond humbled to receive such incredible feedback. When I read something like this, I’d be fibbing if I said my eyes don’t get a little watery. It’s all I can do to stay in the lab and continue to do my absolute best for people like you, because your story of trying everything for years and remaining dissatisfied sounds just like my own. You look beautiful in your photo, and I’m thrilled to play some small part in your daily life. Thank you so much for your trust. Yours, Mila
The Best Facial Oil!!

I love love love this product!! It's so nourishing and doesn't feel to oily on your skin.


I absolutely love this product!! It has made me skin look and feel so much more vibrant and smooth and I feel like I'm getting pampered every time I use it. Thanks so much Mila!!

Luna smells gorgeous!

I love this scent! It's super beautiful and perfectly fragrant. Lingers in a way that's soft and pretty. Will definitely purchase again when I run out!! Makes me feel like I'm in a serene garden. Love it!! Thank you for making a perfume I feel safe using! Means so much!

liquid gold

I've been using Opal Aura for about a month now and I love how my skin feels. I put several drops around my eyes and mouth lines, then I apply the Creme de la Creme in the morning and at night. I am 59 years old and I love how it makes my skin feel!

Love the product

I’m loving the creme de la creme moisturizer. I’ve been using it overnight for a week now and my skin feels rejuvenated by morning.


I’ve never used a serum like this and i absolutely love it! it smells great and i honestly feel like it’s helping my acne. it’s not too oily at all and your skin feels great with it :)

Great for taking off every ounce of makeup!

I usually use a makeup wipe to take off my makeup, but it never gets it all... until I found this cleanser! It seriously removes every ounce of makeup that my makeup wipe does not! plus it smells amazing!! I would highly recommend this to a friend and I greatly appreciate knowing I’m only giving my face the cleanest, best products!

Love these products!

I have been doing the morning and evening ritual (with the twice-weekly mask facial) for about three weeks now, and these products really are sublime! I have never liked my skin; but now that I am using all the LadyLoved products, I am so much happier with the way it feels and looks. The scent of the Opal Aura especially is also so yummy and uplifting! I just can't say enough good things about Mila's knowledge and encouragement and about her whole line.

Would still use even if it didn’t work

I’m not kidding! I’d use this lotion even if it didn’t work because it smells amazing! But luckily for me, it does work! It calms my irritated skin, moisturizes like crazy and puts years back on my skin. This is a must have!

Ladyloved Seven Serums Botanical Bouquet
Ladyloved Seven Serums Botanical Bouquet

We purchased this set while on vacation in Rosemary. So far my husband is the one using the oxygen and loving it. I use the opal aura and have been for over a year and it works wonderfully. My next purchase will be the cream and the youth spray.

Awesome Product

I just started using this product and have been amazed at how it helps my skin retain moisture and does’nt leave it feeling heavy and greasy. I too am in my 50’s and I wish that I had been using this product all along; however, it is my new go to moisturizer. I have also bought one for my daughter so she can get started now with something great for herr skin but a moisturizer that has no harmful chemicals. I’m looking forward to trying more of Mila’s products . Thank you!


I have been using this as part of my daily routine and my skin loves it. Living in the Florida panhandle my whole life you can definitely say that I’ve had my share of sun exposure. I have dry/combo skin and I’m in my early 30s since I’ve been using this I feel like my skin is brighter and more even.

Best eye treatment!

This is the best eye treatment hands down! I’ve tried everything for my dry under eyes. At first I was concerned that it would irritate my sensitive eyes but there hasn’t been any issues. My job requires me to spend long hours on the computer so normally my eyes will be tried and strained but since using this I look well rested even if I’m not.

Even my boyfriend is using this serum!

I’ve loved this eye serum under or over my makeup! It never causes my makeup to crease an completely penetrates. I’ve noticed a difference in the brightness under my eyes and my boyfriend must too because I’ve caught him using it more than one! Will definitely purchase as gifts this season!

Bites No More!

We purchased this when the Florida flies were biting hard and nothing was helping to keep them away...… until Safari Oil was introduced to us! Within minutes we noticed the flies stopped biting and stopped coming around us all together! It also smells great so no more stinky bug spray for us!

From Bumpy to Smooth!

Manna took the little bumps on the back of my arms and made them vanish! It's the perfect after shower body oil and makes my skin feel so smooth. I also love that in the summer it helps to keep my skin from burning in the sun. This stuff is perfect all year round!


This product evened my skin tone in a matter of days! I love putting it on at night and waking up with my skin looking better than when I went to bed! After using for a few weeks I hardly ever wear foundation anymore because I just don't need it! I also love knowing that what I am putting on my skin is natural and 100% pure. I'll be a lady loved lifer that's for sure!