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Love this serum!!!!!

I have been using for 3 weeks now and I wouldn't miss a day!! As I have aging skin, north of 60, I am always looking for ways to moisturize and brighten. This vit C serum is the best I have tried!!! After serum I use Creme de la Creme and at the end of the day neither dry nor oily.....Just Perfect!


I bought the 4 step system while in Rosemary Beach...and I am so impressed with the results! I have sensitive and dry skin, so I’m always cautious when trying new products. I’ve been using these for two months now and I’ve had zero issues! My skin looks glowy and renewed. I love the scents of Opal Auta and Creme de la Creme. I rarely write reviews, but I needed to share about these products!

Happy mama

Being the north side of 60 my skin battles dryness and often looks dull. Met Mila on vacation and have been using the product for two weeks. My skin feels wonderful, hydrated and brighter. This cream is the best as is Mila!

Amazing skin regime!!

Love, love love Ladyloved! I have been using it for almost 3 weeks and skin has never felt it looked better! The organic product line truly makes a difference and the smells of the different facial products are delightful! It is by far the best and most cost effective line that I have ever used! So happy I got to meet Mila in person while vacationing in Rosemary Beach! BTW, her story is why I love the USA!

Clean, fresh and vibrant

I had already been doing 3 of the 4 steps as my own skin care routine. Charcoal soap cleanse with a washcloth, opal aura serum, then creme de la creme for moisture. When I met Mila at her pop up, she taught me that charcoal is drying, so rather than use it both in the morning and evening, use only in the evening and just cold water or an ice cube to cleanse in the morning. With the 4 step, I have now added the youth toner and it’s the best toner I’ve used! It smells heavenly is so light and refreshing and does not contain alcohol. Follow this 4 step routine for glowing, bright skin!

Tickled Pink

Pink polish is a wonderful body scrub. It exfoliates and moisturizes simultaneously so I can step out of the shower and into my clothes. The fine sugar and jojoba pearls make an excellent scrub that doesn't dissolve right away like other scrubs I've tried. The fragrance is heavenly and familiar, like a strawberry spritzer. Not overwhelming, or artificial smelling.

Smells divine!

This product has been wonderful on my skin so far. I just started, but I do appreciate the lasting moisturization I receive from the product. And the smell is delicious. Wonderful way to start the morning. I put it on after I wash and tone my skin, and before I moisturize.

Amazing product

This is by far my favorite body scrub I have ever used. My skin is glowing and so soft. I love the gentle fragrance.


Creme de la Creme is an absolutely beautiful cream. It melts into the skin like a dream and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or flushed with irritation. I genuinely feel like I’m treating myself when I put this on, and I look forward to using it every night.

Love Opal Aura!

I have really enjoyed all of the ladyloved products I have used, especially Opal Aura. It hydrates my skin, makes it feel soft, and smells great. I love this stuff and can definitely tell a difference when I don't use it.

Love Creme de la Creme!

I am in love with Creme de la Creme! It keeps my skin looking well hydrated all day. I have already told friends they need to give it a try. I know they’ll end up loving it as much as I do!

love love love

I absolutely love this serum. I am a college athlete and use it everyday after practice once I have washed my face. The smell is amazing and it has helped reduce the redness of my skin while also moisturizing it!!

Fav Essential skin care

Opal aura I think is mine and my daughters favorite Ladyloved product thus far, have purchased several times and never disappoints, consistent high quality products❤️

Love Love Love Bloom

Bloom is my absolute favorite go to smell Fantastic!!!

The Good Fight

We all like to feel good and that means different strokes for different folks in finding the perfect balance. Mila and her products have contributed towards my quest to feel the best I that I can through what I believe to be Mila’s graceful energy of passion and love that seems to have trickled into her products that I can feel

Love Opal Aura

I love the Opal Aura Brightening Vitamin C serum. It feels so soft and comforting to my face when I apply it. I look forward to putting it on and love the soft touch and brightened skin results. It takes away irritated skin feeling and I really don't know how I ever went without this product. I highly recommend serum!

Manna Body Oil!!

Well, I was all ready sold on the face care products and then one day I noticed this body oil....knowing the quality of ingredients Mila uses the price seemed pretty reasonable.... so I treated myself~as a person who needs to use body lotion every day this oil was thoroughly a pleasure to use instead.... super quick and super efficient..... looking forward to buying more!

It is an excellent product

I got this from a fresh market, and I put in my freezer then when in the morning I used on my face and neck with some serum put on.
It is a great product and the scene of the serum is amazing too.
My skin feels youthful I enjoy doing it daily.

Feeling Hydrated in the Desert!

I live in the dry climate of Arizona and I found Mila's products while vacationing in Florida (and got to meet her, she's lovely!) and I recently ordered nearly the full suite of products! I just turned 40 and also have very sensitive skin so was looking for something both gentle, natural and age-soothing ;) I have found the oils to be very hydrating for my skin and the natural light scent of them and the creme-de-la-creme lotion is lovely. In addition to the 4-step system, i've also been using the Jupiter oil for my under eyes. Even just one drop is so hydrating! My skin feels very hydrated and glow-ey and it lasts through the day. Loving the products!

Smells great

This has been one of my favorite perfumes. I wear it all the time and have gotten alot of compliments on it. I am looking for some of your favorites to suggest

Opal Aura is PURE, clean, and effective!

Love Mila and her products. She has done her research, has much integrity as a business owner, and what ingredients she uses in her formulas. She is very knowledgeable on all things beauty and I trust her advice. Opal Aura smells delicious and has a lovely texture.

Never disappointed

I recently ran low on my cream and serum. Instead of ordering individual products I decided to get the 4 step skin system. It’s a great value and I love the cleansing soap and spray toner. I hooked!

Glowing skin

My skin soaks this oil up after the sun and after each shower. Makes my skin silky and glowing. Has a nice fresh scent. Love this product!

Truly makes a difference

I used LL last year and loved it; however, after I ran out I returned to using other products including organic, natural, expensive ones. My 50+ yr old skin started looking awful, especially from saggy skin and enlarged pores which I chalked up to just being inevitable due to aging. On a recent trip back to NW FL, I made a point to repurchase the 4-piece set and began using it immediately. My skin responded overnight in becoming more hydrated without drying out; within a few days I noticed my skin seemed more youthful, a little firmer. This is the best skincare I have used and I’ve used many, many products. The creme de la creme beats every other moisturizer I have had and the oil/serum is the best. The charcoal cleansing bar is wonderful, cleans without stripping and prepares my face for the rest of the routine. I cannot recommend this line highly enough for mature skin.

So good!

Have never tried a product that made my skin feel as moist!