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I absolutely love all of my LadyLoved products! My skin is hydrated, firmer, & looks amazing! I highly recommend the complete 4 step skin care system.

Love it!

I am in love with Rarify Acne Treatment! It’s my favorite product so far. It helps heal my blemishes so fast! Thank you, Mila!

My daughter and I are obsessed with Ladyloved!

My daughter and I found Mila at a farmers market in Rosemary Beach in November and had no idea how much we would love the natural essential oils products she makes. My skin is literally the best its ever been. My teenage daughter loves the Rarify for blemishes. I am obsessed with Opal Aura for morning and night.

Beautiful smell 👃

Love the smell

Liquid Magic

I’ve been loving the body oil- it is lightweight but ultra moisturizing! Much better than my typical body lotions/baby oil. I’ll be purchasing again.

4 step ritual

I have used these 4 products for 2 years now, religiously! They are my must haves! I had mature, combination type skin, with malasma(dark spots from pregnancies.) I had tried all of the basic as well as expensive products out there, with no luck.
The relief and initial reaction from my skin was immediate. I could just tell my skin loved it! I wear makeup, it blended just fine and did not cake or become oily by end of long hot days. After 2 months I saw noticeable improvement in tone of skin and severity of dark spots. After 2 years, for the first time in 8 years, I can say I truly don't mind going without makeup! My malasma decreased by I'd say 80%! I wouldn't go without any of these four products! I've run out before and had to use some other brand of skincare until I ordered the 4 step, and no joke, I broke out along my jaw and neckline like I used to! The C serum makes you glow, the creme lotion soaks right in and fills in lines, the toner soothes and relieves puffy areas and enlarged pores, so refreshing! The charcoal soap never leaves me dry and seems to remove a combination of impurities in just a short lather and rinse! I know this is long. I'm not a big product reviewer, I just had too much to say about my must haves to keep it short!!

Spring Like

Love this spring like scent. The bottle even makes me feel like it’s spring just by looking at. Great scent to start my day.


Really brightens up under my eyes!


I love this product! The Ingredients are all natural and I love being able to pronounce the ingredient list on my products! I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks and it’s working just as well as the medicated treatment I’m trying to get off of!

I bought this along with the Oxygen facial oil. Like the oil, this cream seems to get fully absorbed into the skin, because there is no oily residue. Hubby says I look healthier and better rested lately, but the only thing I have done different is daily application of this cream and the oil. I will definately buy more! Thank you!

Best thing ever!

I love the way this feels on the skin! No oily residue, so product is actually being absorbed and it shows. My husband mentioned the other day that I looked healthier and better rested lately. Nothing has changed but the skin oil, so it works!!! Will absolutely buy again!

Hubby loves it

Purchased this for my husband who has been having some skin trouble. He loves the soap!

Wonderful polish

I love the smell, texture, and more importantly the softness my skin feels like after using. It is great to use on elbows and feet! Thank you for sharing this product with us!

Complete 4 step skin care system

My sister has been raving about your products for about a year now and I finally decided to try them for myself when I noticed her skin started to look absolutely amazing. I’ve been using for about 2 weeks now I love the way this 4 step system makes my skin feel and look. I struggle with acne so I was a little hesitant to try in case it make me break out but I have not seen any signs of that. I will definitely continue to buy these products and I’m very happy and excited that I decided to try them out! Thank you Mila!

A Major Difference!

I have been using these products since the first of December and the difference is amazing! This toner dies just what is name says it should.... it tones! This is by far the best face products I have ever used.

Vitamin c toner

It is nice an refreshing and doesnt clog pores.
It also gives a nice healthy glow

Love this cream!

I'm so glad I found this at the Rosemary Beach's Farmers Market! It has the perfect consistency - it's moisturizing without being too thick or goopy. It has a nice light scent, and absorbs nicely. I've been using it every night and really like this product!

Creme de la creme

It's thick and creamy and smells nice. I like the way it hydrates and looks fresh

My Skin Looks Amazing!

I've tried many products before but Lady Loved skin care makes my skin feel amazing. Within a few days, my normally inflamed skin was dewey and clear. The Oxygen serum is soothing- great for after being at the beach. plus it smells divine! Highly Recommend!


As a new customer I will tell everyone that I will definitely will be purchasing many more of your products. When I first received the soap I thought that it would be very hard to handle , but I was wrong it is not to large as I thought it would be.also the fact that the scent is great and the soap makes your skin feel very soft and silky. I absolutely love it and will purchase again. Thanks

Love this❤️

I love the vitamin C serum. I have dry skin so this serum helps moisturize my skin. ❤️

Love it!

I love the acne spot treatment. It works so good. I put it 2-3 times on my acne and by the end of the next day I see it come out. Amazing 🤩 thank you Mila ❤️❤️❤️


Due to school I am under a lot of stress, so my under eye bags have become very pronounced. I started using the Opal Serum every morning by placing the droplets on my face. The serum makes the skin look so youthful and healthy. This serum helped my skin so much! 10/10 recommend.

Love this stuff!!

I love how this helps my under eye area! I use my cold jade roller and then use this under eye serum with my morning routine. It works so well to help de-puff my eyes and get rid of dark circles! I love ALL of my Ladyloved products! Thank you Mila for all of your hard work into these products!

Love The Lather

Leaves my skin clean and silky, not squeaky. Love the way it lathers and runs all over your body. The scent is very calming, as with all your products.
I love every product that I've tried, so far. Thank you Mila!