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Luna Natural Perfume

  • Ladyloved GMO Free Sensitive Safe Paraben Free Naturally Derived Cruelty Free

    Free of parabens, phthalates, and any other artificial ingredients, this 100% natural botanical fragrance is assured to delight. No mortal perfumer can win over hearts the way nature's own masterpieces do, and Jasmine - the crown jewel of this piece - has evolved its charming notes over countless millennia.

    For centuries the scent of Jasmine seduced the princely courtiers of Arabia; so renowned for its entrancing effects as to be named "Queen of the Night." Luna Night Fragrance Mist respects the primacy of legend, and continues its traditions within each bottle.

    Sugary floral notes will linger lightly long after other perfumes would have staled. Its all-natural formulation is well suited to anyone prone to skin irritation or allergies.

    Des notes subtiles et délicates évoquent une séduction mystique. La fragrance s'amalgame aux huiles corporelles, offrant un parfum aussi unique que son propriétaire. Le délicat parfum du jasmin d'Arabie convient parfaitement aux moments de tendresse et aux soirées grisantes.

    Dispensing type: Mist

    Net Contents: 1 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beautiful perfume

This perfume is beautiful. I have heard from a couple people it smells like lilac if that gives you an idea.

It is an excellent product

I got this from a fresh market, and I put in my freezer then when in the morning I used on my face and neck with some serum put on.
It is a great product and the scene of the serum is amazing too.
My skin feels youthful I enjoy doing it daily.


This fragrance is amazing. I love that is isn't overpowering, is long-lasting, and makes me feel as beautiful as it smells. I've enjoyed being able to wear this around those who are sensitive to artificial fragrance. Thanks Mila, for this artfully crafted perfume!

Luna smells gorgeous!

I love this scent! It's super beautiful and perfectly fragrant. Lingers in a way that's soft and pretty. Will definitely purchase again when I run out!! Makes me feel like I'm in a serene garden. Love it!! Thank you for making a perfume I feel safe using! Means so much!

Perfect scent

I love Luna Night Fragrance, it's lovely! Very light but yet just enough scent. I was looking for something that didn't have chemicals and wasn't overpowering and was really glad that I gave this a shot.

All Around Refreshing

This is the best pick-me-up right before a good night's rest! Or even a refreshing jumpstart to the day! It's not just about what the product promises or even does, but more so how it makes you FEEL. I am a walking billboard for this all-around-lovely brand!

Thank you so much Erica! Luna's scent is something we're particularly proud of; it means the world to me that you're enjoying it! Yours, Mila

How fun to have a jasmine scented fragrance to put on after an evening bath or shower! It is light and pleasant. I look forward to a delightful spritz or two every night!


This fragrance is light and fresh yet does not fade too fast. I prefer to not use heavy perfumes that are filled with chemicals! This gives me a beautiful scent without being too strong and you can feel good about wearing!

Beautiful perfume

Purchased Luna perfume at a market in Pensacola, FL this past weekend and I have been loving it! I have so many perfumes that I am no longer able to wear due to allergies and after recently going vegan I wanted something that would be chemical free, vegan, and toxin free. This perfume is perfect. I am able to wear it with no allergies and it smells incredible. Loved reading the story behind the company as well. So amazing! Thank you for everything you're doing! Can't wait to try the skincare next.

Faith, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! When we first set out to make these perfumes, it didn't originally occur to us that people suffer allergies from traditional types, but now we're thrilled that you can enjoy the benefits without the suffering. Sincerely, Mila
Dainty. Lovely.

This is perfect for after an evening bath.. light scent but amazing!