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Purify Clarifying Charcoal Soap

  • Ladyloved GMO Free Sensitive Safe Paraben Free Naturally Derived Cruelty Free

    Designed to detoxify troubled facial skin, ideal for anyone suffering from acne and looking for a bar designed specifically for facial cleansing.

    Activated charcoal soaks up excess oils while gently lifting dirt and other undesirables out of clogged pores.

    Lavender's antioxidant and antiseptic properties are ideal for blemish-prone skin.

    The bar's calming lavender aroma makes it the perfect addition to any evening ritual.

    Best suited for normal to oily skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Feeling Hydrated in the Desert!

I live in the dry climate of Arizona and I found Mila's products while vacationing in Florida (and got to meet her, she's lovely!) and I recently ordered nearly the full suite of products! I just turned 40 and also have very sensitive skin so was looking for something both gentle, natural and age-soothing ;) I have found the oils to be very hydrating for my skin and the natural light scent of them and the creme-de-la-creme lotion is lovely. In addition to the 4-step system, i've also been using the Jupiter oil for my under eyes. Even just one drop is so hydrating! My skin feels very hydrated and glow-ey and it lasts through the day. Loving the products!

Opal Aura is PURE, clean, and effective!

Love Mila and her products. She has done her research, has much integrity as a business owner, and what ingredients she uses in her formulas. She is very knowledgeable on all things beauty and I trust her advice. Opal Aura smells delicious and has a lovely texture.

Never disappointed

I recently ran low on my cream and serum. Instead of ordering individual products I decided to get the 4 step skin system. It’s a great value and I love the cleansing soap and spray toner. I hooked!

Truly makes a difference

I used LL last year and loved it; however, after I ran out I returned to using other products including organic, natural, expensive ones. My 50+ yr old skin started looking awful, especially from saggy skin and enlarged pores which I chalked up to just being inevitable due to aging. On a recent trip back to NW FL, I made a point to repurchase the 4-piece set and began using it immediately. My skin responded overnight in becoming more hydrated without drying out; within a few days I noticed my skin seemed more youthful, a little firmer. This is the best skincare I have used and I’ve used many, many products. The creme de la creme beats every other moisturizer I have had and the oil/serum is the best. The charcoal cleansing bar is wonderful, cleans without stripping and prepares my face for the rest of the routine. I cannot recommend this line highly enough for mature skin.

So good!

Have never tried a product that made my skin feel as moist!

Fabulous product

I use this as a daily skin toner, it works! My skin feels so much more smooth and young! My daughter was recently in an accident and suffered some road rash. Daily use of this product has already improved her skin so much!

Love this

I love this product so much i always have to have it in stock! I have dry/normal skin and at first I was worried this would be drying but it’s perfect. My skin feel clean but not tight. My husband even loves it we have one by the sink and one in the shower.

Great products!

I have 60+aging skin that’s sensitive & still breaks out. I’m having wonderful results from my four step products, & I love the way they smell!

Youth age vitamin toner

I have enjoyed using this toner. Feels cool and fresh on my face and non burning or irradiating to my skin or even eyes after it’s sprayed. Also love the roller I purchased and the firming cream I absolutely love. Very hydrating and very pure!

Very special cream

I use this every few nights to make it last. It’s a lloveky cream that seems to hydrate my Skin all night