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Rose Quartz Facial Applicator & Massage Roller

  • A quality stone roller is the one tool every natural skin care devotee should own. Takes the guesswork out of product application, and offers several benefits to your skin and complexion:

    1. As an applicator, apply your favorite serum, moisturizer, oil or mask to the wide end and make gentle sweeping motions across each section of your face
    2. To help close pores, keep your roller in the fridge (or freezer) before use; when you’re finished cleansing, use the chilled roller as your product applicator to encourage pore closure
    3. Massage lymphatic regions of the face and neck each night in order to encourage lymph drainage, ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness

    Commit to using the stone roller for at least 3 minutes a night and you will notice your complexion begin to appear more firm and healthy as your skin's texture gradually improves. For more information please see the "Detailed Instructions" tab above.