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Safari Oil Natural Insect Repellent

  • What makes Safari Oil special?

    Safari Oil contains natural oils in quantities equivalent to that used during laboratory repellency analysis.

    We have found that, while many repellents will generally reduce bites at least somewhat, insects still hover around trying to decide whether or not to land. That buzzzzz-ing drove us crazy. With Safari Oil you'll enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.

    Bottom line: you've entrusted us to guard you against bites. If you're bit while using our repellent, then ethically we might as well be the ones who bit you. We'd rather not offer a repellent at all than betray your trust.

    What inspired you to create Safari Oil?

    We live in Florida, so you might assume the answer is mosquitoes, and while Safari Oil is supremely effective against mosquitoes, the real reason is the yellow fly - a hyper-aggressive biter that declares war on wetland Floridians every summer.

    Yellow fly bites leave large, itchy welts that take days to heal. They chase their victims (even if you're on bicycle) and ignore most repellents the way aggressive dogs will ignore an electric fence. Yellow flies will stubbornly seek out even the smallest section of exposed skin, such as a the top of your foot when wearing sandals, and land undetected.

    We decided that if we as a skin care company couldn't find an effective natural repellent for these diabolical pests, we would design our own. And that's exactly what we did.

    Safari Oil will effectively keep all flying bugs out of sight (and sound) for many hours, to include species of: mosquitoes, yellow flies, horse flies, sand flies (aka sand fleas or no-see-ums), gnats, common black flies and many others. It will also repel crawling biters such as ticks and mites.

    Catnip Oil - Did you know?

    Interesting fact: Catnip oil's nepetelactone (included in our formula) has demonstrated ten times the repellency of DEET which is why DuPont is planning to create a catnip-based repellent.

    While other repellents use ineffective ingredients in trace or haphazard quantities, Safari Oil contains proven ingredients in the quantities used during laboratory repellency analysis. We've based its all-natural, DEET-free formulation on dozens of peer-reviewed studies. 

    Smell and other details.

    Safari Oil's delicate aroma includes primary notes of vanilla, clove, rose, coconut, and basil. The scent is far more pleasant than your typical eucalyptus-based repellent (which we've found to repel quite poorly).

    Interestingly, our customers have reported to us that Safari Oil is ideal for a day at the beach in order to keep sand flies away while laying out in the sun. Because it's an oil, it will tend to persist even after a swim, so this makes perfect sense. Additionally, as an oil it will self-spread on the skin, assisting to ensure complete coverage in a way that most repellents do not.

    What it won't do: leave you stinking like a citronella candle.

    Dispensing type: Spray

    Net Contents: 2.6 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
No more DEET

This oil works!!! I have a nighttime blooming flower called Queen of the night. This oil allows me to photograph her without getting ate up by mosquitoes or other insects. I now get to enjoy her beauty without having to dress in leggings and long sleeves in the middle of the summer. A small drop goes a long way. Works great and smells good too.

This product works!!

We are working on clearing trees from our land and this is the only product that has worked for me!! And it smells terrific!!
I am so happy to have found it. It is everything the representative promised!!
I love all the products I have tried so far!!

Safari Oil

I love the ingredients of this product and it works so well!! I have already recommended it to several people!

Safari Oil

I’m looking forward to using this spray in the upcoming outdoor season! I’m glad to have found an insect spray free of so many harmful chemicals.


seriously this is worth it's weight in gold! I purchased and hoped it would work on gnats aka no-see-ums and it has far exceeded expectations! We recently moved to the bay and the biting gnats are awful certain times a day. This stuff is magic! not a single bit after I applied it! I literally get eaten alive without it! same for my daughter! YAY!!!

Bites No More!

We purchased this when the Florida flies were biting hard and nothing was helping to keep them away...… until Safari Oil was introduced to us! Within minutes we noticed the flies stopped biting and stopped coming around us all together! It also smells great so no more stinky bug spray for us!

Great protection

Very easy to apply. Smells great. Protects from insects like no other product

Absolutely love the Safari Oil!

This oil works wonders against flying bugs! Since using it, I haven’t had a single bug want to come near me! The scent is a little strong at first, just super earthy, but you get used to it and learn to love it! Would recommend this to everyone I know!