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Laurel Silver-Infused Body Soap

  • Ladyloved GMO Free Sensitive Safe Paraben Free Naturally Derived Cruelty Free

    An ideal body bar, abundant unsaponified oils work to replace your skin's natural oils lost during washing.

    Silver - nature's microbicide - preserves and protects the bar, and your skin.

    We stay true to the luxury Aleppo formula with 17% Laurel Oil in every bar.

    Great for shaving due to the presence of abundant unsaponified oils.

    Not just another soap, but a new take on the way soap should be. There's nothing else like it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This was a gift to my daughter! She loves it! She uses it all the time!

Great Soap

I have to have bar soap and I want it to last. This soap does that and is the best shaving soap I've ever used.

LOVE this soap - great for eczema-distressed skin

This soap is like an answered prayer. I have been suffering with extreme eczema on my fingers for years, and I recently started to develop patches in my inner elbows too. I knew that most store-bought soaps were irritating my skin, but I hadn't found a better soap I liked. Now I have! This Laurel soap is amazing. It lathers up beautifully and softly. It smells like clean; it's not a perfumey, headache-inducing, or overpowering smell. Best of all, after I shower with it, my skin feels clean but not stripped. Pleasantly hydrated, but not oily. Mila was wonderful enough to include some slivers of other sample soaps. I brought one with me to keep at work, and now I'm only washing my hands with this soap. I can't explain how much it's helped my rough, itching, flaking, cracking, bleeding fingers in less than a week of use. My fingers are healing, and they almost look and feel like normal fingers again. (Best of all I haven't needed my high-powered ointments from the dermatologist that thin my skin!) My elbows are way better. I will definitely be ordering again (need one for the kids' bathroom now), and I'll be checking out other items on the site. Thank you SO MUCH! On my wishlist from LadyLoved: liquid hand soap. That would be amazing.

Adequate replacement for shaving cream

I've been using this exclusively for a few weeks now, and my shaving experience is totally different. Not necessarily better, but different. I've been experimenting to see what gives me the smoothest shave, and I've discovered that I needed to use more water than I originally thought.

Other than that, great product, but I would include some instructions if your customers intend to shave with it for the best experience.

Love the stuff

I love it! Will be ordering again.

That's fantastic, thank you Cathy!

Organic Castile Soap with Colloidal Silver Infusion


Love love this soap. I have skin problems and this stuff does not irritate my skin at all.

Thank you, Amanda, for entrusting part of your daily skin routine to us :)
Magic soap

I am 47 and have always had blemishes and bumps, especially on my forehead, my skin has never been 100% clear or smooth looking. I received a bar of the silver soap as a gift and after using it for just a few days on my face, my skin was completely clear for the first time. I love this soap and have ordered more, I do not ever want to run out. I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much Marilyn for that incredible story! That's the kind of feedback that keeps us striving every day. Sincerely, Mila
4 star

I'm using it for washing face. Hopefully, it will help to heal inflammation

Thank you Lidia. We hope you had positive results!
Best soap I've ever used!!!

Thank you!!!